Fermented Skincare Lotion Recipe

DIY fermented whey body lotion!
I suffer from very dry skin in winter. I use DIY whey body lotion in winter. It does a decent job combating dry winter skin. It has protected my skin and keeps me hydrated and comfortable at long last. This is a great everyday body lotion.It smells very pleasant, too. Pamper yourself with fermented skin care from Japan!

Whey is a by-product of traditional soy yogurt making. I drain soy yogurt ( Recipe is here. ) inside colander using a Sarashi cloth. A precious substance rich in it. Whey is fermented, and it helps skin absorb the substances better.
Probiotics naturally protect against harmful bacteria and lock in moisture.

-Whey 50ml ( from pure soy yogurt)
-Tap water 50ml
-a few drops of essential oil ( if you want )

-Mix all ingredients

It’s suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Keep in refrigerator is better. I often use it as a toner in the morning,too. I do not wash my face, and just apply it.

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