4 Zerowaste Toys For School Kids

I have 2 daughters, 11&13 years old. Before going zerowaste lifestyle , I bought many plastic toys for them. They were very interested in the toys at first, but they didn’t hold that interest for long. Unplayed toys are just plastic waste. Plastic toys also come with a lot of packaging.

Luckily, I could find some toys can be long-lasting. I will show you the long lasting toys here !


Kendama is a traditional Japanese Wooden Toy. It’s fun toy that takes a lot of practice. Japanese kids love kendama. My daughters enjoys playing with it, too. I bought it for my daughters who were around 6. They still play it now. It’s nice to see a toy that keeps their interest for a long. It’s amazing that such a simple game can be so entertaining !

I recommend simple Kendama at first.


My daughters love crafts and have an interest in sewing now. That’s why I gave the embroidery kit for them. They enjoy it very much!

I found similar kit on Amazon.


It’s kind of Japanese chess. It is a wooden boad game familiar to many people in Japan. I’ve never played shogi, however my daughter wanted to try, so I bought it for her. My father taught my daughter how to play Shogi and she liked the game for a long time .

I have this.It’s well made Shogi board. I highly recommend it !

-UNO (card game)

Our kids love playing UNO. Actually, It used to be mine. It is around 30 years old. My kids love this game, too and we gave spent many hours and days playing this game.

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