Furoshiki Lunch Bag Tutorial

This DIY is a great way to replace your brown paper bag with a reusable and durable lunch bag. you can make it with your own square fabric. Traditionally, bento lunch boxes were wrapped with a square fabric, furoshiki that was knotted and used as a carrying bag in Japan. It can be reused many times, thus cutting paper or plastic bags. Start a waste free lunch by saving the brown paper bag and making your own reusable lunch bag.

Making your own reusable lunch bag is easy. It is a quick project with even minimal sewing experience.It works great as a lunch bag. It is light-weight, compact and minimalistic. You can easily take this lunch bag to work, school, picnics, and much more. It will fit into your bag. This is a great bag if you just want something to stick food in, too. It’s much fun than other lunch bags.

I will show you how to ‘make’ your own reusable lunch bag with furoshiki! You can use your own square cloth, too.

If it’s difficult to tie furoshiki , I recommend drawstring bento bags. My daughter can not tie furoshiki easily, so she uses this kind of bags.