Homemade Citrus Seeds Moisturizing gel Lotion Recipe

I will let you know centuries-old Japanese beauty secret! We use citrus seeds to soften & moisturize our skin in winter. Traditionally,citrus seeds were used to treat irritated and itchy skin.

Now, you can use citrus seeds to rejuvenate mature skin! Citrus seeds are rich in pectin, which thickens citrus seeds lotion. The lotion quickly absorbs and my skins are super soft because of it. This formulation works well for my dry, sensitive skin. It is not too heavy, so it is good to use in the summer without causing breakouts. I do not find it over powering ones. It is great for skin, but I recommend a patch test before applying it to skin.

– citrus seeds 2tbs
– water 1cup

– place 2 tablespoon of seeds in a cup of water overnight.
— by the next day they will have formed a gel.
– strain out the seeds.
– add the gel to your jar.

I recommend to keep it in refrigerator. You can save citrus seeds in the freezer. They last forever and can be pulled out when you needed.

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