Homemade Eye Drops

I love these DIY eye drops! No unnecessary additives and provide comfort to dry eyes! This is so important for me that are encouraged to use eye drops daily due to frequent computer use.

My eyes were really dry. And while no eye drops will keep my eyes moist for long, have accepted that’s just the way it is, but my DIY eye drops sure do make my eyes feel better. They are so soothing and refreshing, too. These are exactly what I was looking for, no preservatives or unnatural chemicals. It’s good for hay fever or pollen allergy,too.


– 1g Salt ( non-iodized salt)

-100ml Water ( distilled water or purified water )

Direction :

– Boil water.

– Sterilize the container.

– Pour the water into the container.

– Mix in the salt until dissolves.

– Let it to cool before applying.

It’s good for me, but follow your doctor’s instructions.

I use this container ↓

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