Homemade Hand Wipes

I use damp washcloth as to go hand wipe. They are the perfect size, not too thick but not paper thin either, and they are soft but sturdy enough. These are great and very convenient to have.

Normal alcohol hand sanitizer is hard on my skin and reusable cotton wipes have been a good alternative for when hand washing is not possible before we eat.

They are quite large so I can clean hands with one wipe. Wipes didnt leave my hands dry like other sanitizer wipes do. Love that these are natural, large sized wipes, sturdy and that they are in such a small and lightweight pack that doesn’t crowd my bag. A must have in my bag at all times!

How to make:
– Damp your washclothes.
– Wring out the towels.
– Fold them as tightly as possible.
– Place the towels in the LUSH’s tin and close for safe keeping. (This tin fits the washclothes perfectly)

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