Homemade Reusable Wet Wipes

My zerowaste essentials,DIY wet towel!

Wet towel culture was so prevalent in Japan. We used to bring wet towel with our bento lunch before disposable wet wipes came. It is used to clean our hands before lunch. It also cleans up after a meal with finger ,or your own utensils. You can wipe your hands off before and during a meal with it. It works more effectively than disposable paper napkins.It is useful to take it anywhere, eateries , cafes , trips or on a picnic. It creates less waste in the landfill. It’s No parabens, SLS, synthetic preservatives. It’s totally Chlorine Free.

It is easy to make your own wet towel. Here’s a simple tutorial for making your own.


-Cotton 100% towel (It can be upcycled from old towels or T-shirts)
-A drop of Japanese mint oil ( it’s my favorite oil! It is natual and safely use for food.)

-put some cups of water in a container.
-Add a few drops of mint essential oil to the water.
-damp towel with the water.
-squeeze out the excess liquid.
-Fold in half then roll it up.
-store the towel in a small container so it is wet and ready to go.

Don’t prepare more wet towels than you can get through in a day.
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