Homemade Zerowaste baby wipes

I know disposable wet wipes are essential for mothers with kids. I used to use it everyday for kids hands & mouth, diaper changes and more & more ! After going zero waste lifestyle, I usually bring this small jam jar to reduce single-use paper napkins & wet wipes. There is a damp small towel inside.I just use water to wet the towel. It is environmentally friendly alternative to paper napkins & disposable wet wipes. I wipe my hands & my kids hands & mouth with it instead of single use wet wipes. I reuse it again & again. Plus It’s chemical free. Do you know store selling wet wipes contains harsh chemicals. I cringe thinking of rubbing the chemicals on myself & kids, too .This wet towel is a part of Japanese culture.At every cafe, you will be offered this wet towels before eating.

For diaper changes, I cut waste clothes ( or old towel ) small, damp them with water and pack them in a bottle.I can throw them away after using. I used to bring this waste cloth wipes when my kids were baby.

In summer, I recommend to freeze it before using. You can drop a few aroma oil on it, too.
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