Honey Lip Balm Recipe

My DIY Honey Lip Balm moisturizes and softenes my lips,and the nourishing sesame oil makes my lips healthy. The balm is very moisturizing, and the color is subtle and the balm lasts. It is only slightly tinted pink, but extremely moisturizing. It won’t over-power your base lipstick color if you choose to put this over it. My DIY natural honey lip balm is free of parabens,SLS and other artificial materials. Moreover, it tastes sweet because of real honey!

Conveniently tuck a tin can into a purse, so that you can keep lip care handy.

– beeswax 1tbs

– sesame oil 2tbs

– raw honey 1/2tbs

– your favorite lip liner 1cm

– mix all ingredients
– place in the top of a double boiler
– warm until the wax melts
– remove from the heat
– pour mixture into small containers. (It will set after it cools off.)

I often use not toasted sesame oil when I make DIY cosmetics. Not toasted sesame oil is no smell, so it’s good to make DIY cosmetics. Plus sesame oil is good for skin.

Japan only!

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