How To Choose Bamboo Earpick?

Some countries recently announced a ban on single-use items made from plastic, including cotton swabs. Have you found an alternative ?

Our Japanese bamboo reusable earpick replaces disposable cotton buds forever.I’m using mine for over 10 years already. It helps to reduce waste in the bathroom and to help us save money. It has been used for centuries in Japan.

We only remove the earwax at the entry of the ear. It does not push the ear wax back into the canal, but it scoops little bits of wax each time I use it. Be sure not to go too far. Carefully scrape the side of the ear canal with the scoop.

There are two types of bamboo earpicks. Thick and thin. I recommend thin ones for first use. It feels soft, not really strong.

(Thin) For beginners I’m using this ↓for my kids!

The fluffy end is good at cleaning your ears too, but be careful,it is made of duck’s feather. If you are vegan, I recommend different ones.

(Thick) For expert

Japan only!

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