How To Choose Charcoal Water Filter

Traditionally, charcoal is used in Japan. It has a variety of uses. Mainly it purifies tap water. It also absorbs odors when placed in toilets or shoes.

I posted how to use charcoal for purifying water.

There are many kinds of charcoals are selling now for purifying water. Which one is good ? You might pay for high quality charcoal price but gets low quality charcoal, similar to BBQ charcoal. I will give you some tips !

Kishu Binchotan Charcoal is known as the best quality charcoal for purifying water here in Japan. It is a type of activated charcoal that has been traditionally made for over 300 years. It is activated through high burning temperatures, along with a rapid cooling process.It has been mainly made in the Kishu region of Japan. Kishu Binchotan remains the finest form and is still handmade through a process passed down through generations.

class=”bold”>Japan Only!

I discovered bamboo charcoal a few months ago, and bought some. The fibres are not strong compared to wood. However, It’s light & easy to handle. Plus I heared Bamboo Charcoal has more absorptive power. Moreover, Bamboo is a more sustainable material. Bamboo grows much faster than trees.

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