How To Clean a Glass Top Stove Using Natural Ingredient

I do a lot of cooking. My stove top was gross and disgusting. It had food on the stove top and nothing really worked to clean it. One day, My grandma recommended ‘eggshells’ to clean and it was amazing. It did much better than I thought it would! It worked magic!

-Use the eggshells with care and
go in the direction of the grain on your stove.

The glass-top gets cleaned up in seconds. It gets tough stains out too. I buff it with a dish towel and it come out perfect. You do not need plenty of elbow grease to get rid of burned on grease, too.

Are you fear it would be too rough on your glass top stove? It will not scratch the top of your glass-top stove, if you buff softly . It does a good job in buffing the stove to where the scratches aren’t as visible. Please try to buff softly!

Eggshell is also safe for stainless steel and cast iron. If you use on stainless, it will renew the finish by removing surface oxidation. I use Tawashi scrubbing brush to buff.

Don’t use cheap Tawashi brushes. They are too rough. I recommend Japanese traditional ‘Kamenoko Tawashi’.

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