How to Clean Your Mattress

We Japanese dry clothes in the Sun, and we also dry the futon( Japanese style mattress ), pillow and blanket in the Sun. They collect a lot of dust and bacteria that need to be washed out. Sun cleans and sanitizes them. Sun is a natural sanitizer, so if you dry your stuff under sun, they will smell cleaner and fresher. I love the fresh smell so much! They feel very nice,too. Moreover,the UV light can damage the bacteria, and it can kill them. I’m definitely going to recommend dry stuff in the Sun to people who are asthma or allergy sufferers. Sun will clean their stuff thoroughly.It makes their bed feel comfy and clean.

I dry them in the Sun 2-3 times per month. I dry them between 10am and 3pm on sunny day. Let them dry out in the sun at least several hours until dry.

If possible, try to dry them outside in the sun !

Many people use this kind of drying rack in balcony. It’s good for heavy Futon and blanket.

Our traditional Futon matress!

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