How To Create an Emergency Stock

Big earthquake struck my town 2days ago. Many homes were temporarily without power, water and gas. I went out to buy some foods, but they were all sold out and any shop had no stock anymore. After the quake,customers rushed to shops to purchase the products. Supermarkets quickly sell out of food and drinks .They also ran out of many prepared foods.

When a earthquake strikes, The most important items to have on hand is foods & water.

I posted about how to store water at home.

To create our own food storage is essential, too. With the loss of electricity, refrigerated and frozen foods will spoil quickly.No refrigeration foods are better. However, store selling Prepared foods are all in plastic containers. They often contains MSG & other chemical substances.

I create food storages by canning cooked foods. ( leftovers are OK ) I eat my home canning foods regularly and replace what I eat as I go. Even if the canned food doesn’t spoil ,it will lose its nutritional value and flavor.

Home canning is easy.

-Jars & lids should be washed carefully and pour boiling water over them
-Filled with very hot boiling foods
-lid on the jar tightly
-Turn it out
-leave the jar until completely cool

Fill jars leaving 1 inch head space.

The lid should be sucked down and not pop up after canned.

If you notice any signs of spoilage in your home canned foods, dispose of them right away.

Store jars in a cool, dark and dry place. I recommend to put them on the low shelf to avoid falling jars down when earthquake occurs.

WECK provides home-canning methods for glass jars, too. ↓

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