How To Keep Vegetables Fresh

I buy vegetables box from farmers. I buy far more produce than we can eat in a few days.

We Japanese use cotton bags to keep vegetables fresh longer! Do you know cotton bags keep vegetables fresh for longer than you thought possible? They naturally slow down the normal ripening process to keep vegetables fresh longer! The veggies I’ve used these bags for are doing better than they normally do without the bag. They have really helped me avoid spoilage with my fresh produce.I haven’t had to toss any old & slimy produce since I’ve been using them. Great for lettuce, cucumbers, asparagus, fresh herbs, and much more!

-dampen the bags.
-fill them with your produce
-store in the fridge.
( If the bags get dry, damp them again.)

You can use reusable produce bags for shopping and for storage. I prefer the organic cotton bags. I rinse, hang dry and reuse them.

Produce that like being at room temperature are potato, onion, garlic. Pop them in a basket so there is a bit of airflow around them.

Japan only!

This post was sponsored by All cotton and linen. I received Produce bags to try for free. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Che-Cheh says:

    Do you close the bag or left it open in the fridge?