How To Make an All-Purpose Cleaner Using Citrus Peels

My DIY all-purpose cleaner contains a natural organic solvent made from citrus peels. It penetrates for easy removal of grease, oil and other tough cleaning problems from any washable surface.I use it every day and absolutely love it!

After spraying the surface, I wipe clean with kitchen towel. It leaves surfaces clean and shiny. Plus it smells really nice, not too strong. I used to make vinegar cleaner with vinegar & citrus peels. It worked well, but the only problem is, it smells like vinegar!!

My recipe :

-Citrus peels (half of your jar)
-Tap Water (fill up your jar, and cover the peels)


-Add citrus peels to a half of your jar.
-pour water over the peels until it fills the jar.
-Cover your jar with a lid
-allow it to sit in a dark place for two weeks or more.
-Pour the cleaner into a spray bottle.

Citrus peels will ferment slowly in a jar. You can keep it in room temperature forever. I tried it several times, but it did not spoil. You can keep it in refrigerator, too.

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