How To Make An Easy Zero Waste Lunch

Our lunches often come with a lot of waste because of plastic containers. The best step to reduce waste is making your own lunch.Many Japanese bring thier own lunch to work from home. The custom of bringing lunch from home is usual not only among students but also among working adults in Japan .

I will show you easy homemade sushi roll lunch today .This homemade sushi roll can be a quick snack and alternative to sandwiches. It’s portable and healthy, it’s my favorite lunch to go !

Did you know that making sushi rolls is easy? Plus You can use any filling you like. All you need is make some rice ! You do not need bamboo mat for this recipe.

-cook the rice in a rice cooker or in a pot
-let rice cool
-add a little bit of salt and sesame into the rice ( if you like sushi rice, add sushi vinegar )
-cut the seaweed half
-lay the seaweed flat
-spread rice onto the seaweed only 2/3 way
-layer your favorite fillings on top ( anything! cucumber, lettuce, avocado…. ! if you want, a little bit mayonnaise !)
-start rolling tightly until the end
-the moisture from the rice will help it stick together

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