How to Make EASY Zerowaste Miso Paste

I have used miso for miso soup every day. It is a rich and authentic flavor!

I make miso at home. It is made of Okara, Koji, salt & soy milk. Okara, the residue from making soy milk and tofu, is usually thrown away. However, We Japanese turn it into miso paste. It is quick and easy, just mix ingredients up and then put them in your glass jar! I have used this miso paste in my cooking and find it to be of good quality. A long fermentation process creates its distinct, deep rich taste and aroma.

– Raw Okara ( by product of Tofu ) 200g
– Koji 400g

– Salt 80g ( plus 3 tbs to cover the surface)
– Soy milk 1/2 cup


– place salt and koji in a bowl and combine them well.
– Place Okara in a mixing bowl, and add soy milk.
– Add koji and salt to the bowl.
– Mix them well with your hands.
– Make the Okara paste into balls.
– Slam the balls into a container.
– Press them in order to let any air bubbles out.
– Smoothe the surface and sprinkle salt to cover the surface.
– place a lid.

Store the container in cool place for at least 3 months. After 3 months, transfer the container to the fridge in order to stop the Miso from over fermenting.

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