How To Make Hair Spray

DIY hairspray!

I love this hairspray for my daughter. It holds but it isn’t too stiff. Great mild hairspray for kids! My girls use this every morning to hold their hair in place. As humid and hot as Japan the weather is, this hairspray holds their hair all day! I was skeptical the first time I used it thinking it wouldn’t hold all day but it does! It doesn’t leave a white cast in the hair. It’s alcohol free! Plus there are only 3 ingredients!

-tap water 100ml
-sea salt 2tb
-essential oil ( if you want )

-Pour the warm water and sea salt into the spray bottle.
-Shake until salt dissolves.
-Add a few drops of essential oil.
-Spray all over dry hair.

I use it, too. I have natural Asian short hair, and I use it on dry hair. It’s great for volume! It adds bonus that it doesn’t have that chemical! It holds, is comb through. This is a good way to revive naturally curly hair and can be an alternative to hairspray, too!

Have you ever tried Japanese salt ?

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