How to make liquid hand soap from bar soap

Have you seen plastic free liquid soap ? I’ve never seen them before here. There is no shops that sells liquid soap in bulk here. Not only store selling ones are packaged in plastic, but they’re also filled with some harsh chemicals.I do not feel comfortable letting those chemicals touch me & my family.However,my families prefer liquid soaps.Liquid soaps are easy to handle for my daughters.However, we go through hand soap really quickly! That’s why I make liquid soap from natural bar soap now. All you need is bar soap and hot water.It’s easy. It take me about few minutes and now all I have to do is wait until tomorrow morning!Sadly, It doesn’t foam like store selling ones do, but it is still OK.


Ingredients: natural soap bar & hot water
-grate barsoap using a greater
-place the 3 tbs of grated soap and hot water in a jar.
-let it cool
-it takes a day to become liquid
-add some essential oils for added fragrance( If you want)
-shake the dish soap before use.

If you prefer a stronger dish soap, try adding more soap.I clean our hands,kitchen,and wash laundry with this dish wash liquid!

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