How To Make Liquid Shampoo From Shampoo Bar

Which do you prefer shampoo bar or liquid shampoo? Have you ever tried a shampoo bar? My 11 & 13 years old daughters love liquid shampoo than shampoo bar !

Using a shampoo bar was different than a liquid shampoo for them. When they started using the shampoo bars, they found they were difficult to use on their hair. Moreover, they get up used so quikcly even though we keep them dry after each use.

However, almost all liquid shampoo is in plastic containers here. That’s why I have been turning my shampoo bars into liquid shampoo. I can save countless plastic bottles !


1 shampoo bar ( I use lush shampoo bar this time. It was 55g)
300 – 500 ml warm water

-Cut 1 shampoo bar half , place in a mason jar. Shampoo bar can dissolve easily. You do not need to grate it.
-Warm water, then pour it over the shampoo bar.

-let sit for several hours.
-the liquid is cool, pour the liquid to a bottle. I recommend Foaming bottle ! It lathers well!

Shampoo bar does not contain preservatives. I recommend to use it quickly or make small batch.

I love J.R.Liggett’s Shampoo bars! However, I’ve never seen they are selling in Japan.