How to make onigiri rice ball without plastic wrap

Do you know Japanese traditional Onigiri rice ball ? They make for the perfect breakfast, lunch, or snack! It’s a lot of fun to make these triangle rice ball for lunch if you want a healthier option. It’s better health value than a sandwich. If you’re looking for a healthy snack, then this what you need to make it. My kids love to make these for their school lunches,too. Great for packing lunches for school.

I suggest watching a youtube video for instructions on how to make these. A lot of fun and a delicious snack once you get the hang of making them. Just remember to dip the hands with water first before adding the rice and salt in to prevent the rice from sticking all over the hands. You need to take some practice to wrap these well.

I make onigiri rice ball adding salt & filling. I will pack it with a side of some veggies and egg. Healthy and tasty lunch!

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