How to Make Sun Dried Orange Slices

Homemade Sun Dried Orange slices!
They taste better than in its natural state. Also, there’s little waste, since I can use the whole fruits.

These dried oranges are really addictive. For me, they’re a great substitute for sugar snacks. I eat them like candy or use in baking! It’s delicious and nutritious too, my kids ate half soon, I had to hide it to save it for myself! They’re slightly sweet and bitter because of the peel so can be a particular taste for some people. I love the fact that they don’t have any added sugar, only ingredient is oranges. These are a great accompaniment to a cup of tea,too.

You can easily make them in a small, sunny space on your patio.
All you have to do is cut the oranges, place them in a colander and put them out to dry on a sunny day.

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