How to Make Soft Tofu at Home

I have been making tofu since going zerowaste lifestyle.I am hesitant to purchase tofu from the usual fridge section tofu in the grocery store. They are in plastic cases, and added some additives.

Making tofu is fun & easy! Plus It’s gorgeous taste. Nothing compared to store bought tofu. I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and tasty this was. Homemade ones taste sweet and fresh. It’s the smoothest and the softest tofu I have ever had.

Tofu is so versatile because its kind of tasteless itself so that it can be used so many ways. It’s so healthy and good for you. Just madefresh tofu with soy sauce is so delicious. I sometimes cold it up in the refrigerator and sprinkle some soy source on top of it and that tastes amazing,too.

-Pure soy milk 300ml
-Bittern (nigari) 1tsp ( It depends)

-Empty soy milk from a carton in a mug cup.
-Add 1tsp of bittern.
-Stir well and allow the bittern to curdle the soy milk evenly.
-Steam it until set.( around 15 minutes)
-Turn the heat off.
-Keep it for 10 minutes.
You do not need steamer. I start by heating a water in big pot. When the water is hot, I add the mug,put a lid on and steam it for a few minutes.

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