How to make vegetarian yogurt without yogurt maker

Most of the yogurt in the grocery stores comes in plastic containers.By making yogurt yourself, you’ll cut down on waste.

I will show you Easy Japanese style vegetarian yogurt recipe for you.To make homemade vegetarian yogurt, you need only two ingredients.Soy milk and Two STRAWBERRIES.Use not modified soy milk and with no additives, preservatives or sugar. Organic strawberrry is better. You don’t need any equipment.

-300ml of soy milk
-2 strawberries

-Add strawberries and pour soy milk into glass jar.
-Cover the jar.
-leave in roomtemperature until it become thick for at least 24 hours.( depending on the room temperature )

you can also use an avo pit,2 tbs of honey, 2 tbs of dried raisins, edible flower or 3 tbs of previously homemade soy yogurt instead of strawberries.The more you experience it, the easier it will get.

If you fail, try with smaller amont of milk.Or add a little bit of brown sugar.

I tried with coconut milk before, but it was difficult to set. I recommend to use coconut cream. I’ve never tried other plantbased milks. It’s hard to get them here.

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