How To Regrow Kitchen Scraps

Did you know you can regrow plants from kitchen scraps? Don’t discard them ! I regrow kitchen scraps at home. I can grow them from scraps that I normally throw away.I do not have garden, but I can get some organic vegetables at home. Moreover, I can reduce kitchen waste.

You can enjoy growing vegetables at home, too! It saves you money, too. There are some vegetables that you can regrow again from kitchen scraps. I will show you the easiest ones!

You can regrow pea sprout. Pea shoots will re-grow after being cut. I keep the lower part of it on the dish with some water. It will regrow soon, and I chop when they reach 2-3 inches. You can only get 2 or 3 harvests from a single batch. I usually add it to soups or salad.

The most easiest one is carrot green. You can grow carrot greens from carrot tops. Fill the bowl with water so the top is half covered. Place it near window. I recommend to change the water every day. They are easy to grow. Carrot tops grows carrot greens. Yes, we eat carrot greens in Japan. Carrot greens is edible & nutritious.

You can regrow potatoes, too !

Green onions, too !