How to Start a Zero Waste Lifestyle?

Have you heard about Japanese Marie Kondo’s book, the life-changing magic of tidying up?

After reading this book, I’ve donated a lot. I’ve sold a lot. Then I become a zero waster! I realized I went to the stores and over spent on things I didn’t really need or ended up to throw out. I wasted so much money and threw out many things.I feel more productive and my head feels clearer now.

(The illustrations are extremely helpful.)

People ask Why has the KonMari Method been popular? I think it’s a very simple method! Marie takes you on a step by step method on how to declutter your home!

The Netflix show is so inspiring and has made the method accessible to many more people.

This is cartoon version. It teaches the process in an easy to understand way,too.↓

My ebook↓
This book shows you 10 zerowaste shops and restaurants in Kyoto. I share my favorite zerowaste spots with you. Actually, they are not zerowaste shops but they have all been very nice with our zero waste wishes. Have a nice zerowaste trip in Kyoto!

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