How to Wrap a Gift with Furoshiki

Have you ever used Japanese traditional furoshiki wrapping cloth? It’s a beautiful textile item. The cloth is good quality. It’s a brilliant solution to single use wrapping paper. I do not like buying wrapping paper. It’s wasteful. I would highly recommend to use furoshiki as a gift wrap.

Beautiful designs are suitable for special gift giving. You can use it to wrap the present for your friend & family. They will like it a lot. Furoshiki has a great variety of different wraps for different sized items. You can wrap a multitude of gifts! One furoshiki looks in several different wrapping methods and how the same method looks with several different design compositions.
So enjoy the wrapping being part of the gift with no trash to deal with!

I will show you how to wrap box (square one) or books today. In this video, you can see how to wrap boxes with furoshiki.You can try this to wrap a present, and the furoshiki will become a nice gift itself.

I use 51cm x 51 cm small furoshiki.

Do you know about the size of furoshiki ?

Japan only!

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