Is Japan safe? Latest travel advice following earthquake

A strong earthquake hit the Japanese city Osaka on 18th June 2018 . Will you be traveling to osaka soon ? Are you concern regarding the safety? Do you need any feedback regarding the situation at central areas ? I’d like to suggest that anyone coming here for information go there.

There has not been a major damage concerning town structure. Gas, Water and electricity were out at that time but are resuming now. There are some homes in the suburbs of northern Osaka which has gas and water disrupted.

After quake, airports were closed for several hours. Shinkansen and local trains suspended operations.
However, all transportations are now completely resumed.

Supermarkets quickly sell out of food and drinks but they have stock now. They only ran out of water in plastic bottle now.

However, you have to be careful that big aftershocks might happen at high risk in a week in Osaka.

Several people were trapped in elevators at that time. I recommend not to use elevators in Osaka now.

I recommend to bring your own foods & water everywhere just in case. ( especially traveling with kids )

Do you know Japanese chat app LINE ? We could chat through LINE after quake. I recommend to download it.

I recommend to charge your phone anytime, or bring extra batteries.

Mobile phone users are able to use free wi-fi by accessing the network ‘00000JAPAN’ during large-scale disasters.

This is a list of contact information which you need to know in case of emergency.

If you need any help, just contact me through LINE . I live in Suita city in Osaka. I can help you. My LINE account is at bottom. Have a safe trip ! I hope you enjoy traveling Japan.
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