Zerowaste Alternative To Bleach

Japanese traditional Sarashi cloth are an alternative to disposable paper towels and are more eco friendly! They can be used for anything you would use a paper towel for. I use for draining, wiping and covering food and more. Reusable Paper Towels are a simple way to add zerowaste function to your kitchen.

However,some of them have stains that don’t wash off after use . I do not want to bleach them, coz sometimes I wrap foods with them directly. I recommends to boil them with grated soap. My grandma used to boil them with egg shells. It will clean well,too. It helps to get dirt out well, too.

*Boiling wash is only for natural materials like cotton or linen !

1,Fill a pot with water.
2,Bring it to a boil.
3,Add 3 tbs of grated soap, and mixing well.
4,Add the dirty napkins to the boiling water.

5,Boil for 5 minutes.
6,Letting them soak for over an hour.
7,Rinse them.
8,Dry out in the sun.

The boiling water will kill any mold and germs on the cloths.This takes out stain, too.

After boiling, dry as normal.I recommend to try to dry in the sun! It’s nature’s Bleach! The cloths will be sanitized, too.