Japanese Non-Toxic & Ecofriendly Cookware

Do you know Nonstick pot is popular and easy, but it causes some health problems? Polychlorofluorocarbons may get released into your food during the cooking. Plus it is said that aluminum pot could be a factor in Alzheimer’s disease. It is very difficult to choose pots, isn’t it?

We Japanese use Japanese style clay pot, Donabe. It’s one of Japan’s oldest cooking vessels. These products are carefully crafted by hand. This is an awesome stew pot for slow cooking! I use it every day.
The result is a great tasting dish that can be serve right from the pot. I absolutely love it is easy to clean, easy to bake healthy meals in a variety of styles – lid open, lid closed, slow simmering, making soups and more . This is especially useful if you love soups, stews and rice. We know how a pot of good rice looks and tastes like. If you don’t have these, I can tell you the rice made by the Donabe Pot is as good if not better than what we usually get!

Do use a wood spoon to mix or to serve the metal contact can scratch and ruin the pot.

Be careful, but some cheap Donabe may contains lead. Choose authentic Donabe! I recommend TOIRO kitchen & Supply. These (made by Nagatani-en of Iga, Japan) are proven to be lead-free and cadmium-free.

My favorite cast iron pan is here.

Japan only!

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