Japanese Traditional Cold Remedy

My 11 year old daughter caught a cold yesterday. She showed cold symptoms, so I gave her a foot bath. The result is great. She slept well, and She felt much better today. She was very relaxed after use and got a great nights sleep. I will show you how to do this Japanese traditional home remedy.

The foot bath is a home remedy for the common cold and flu in Japan.
We Japanese soak our feet and ankles in a footbath at home. The hot water helps kick colds fast. The hot water draws blood to your feet to helps to relieve congestion. It draws blood from inflamed areas of the body. The hot water also promotes sleep well.

We keep feet and ancle in hot 42℃ water for 20 minutes. As the water cools, add more hot water to maintain the hot temperature. After removing the feet from the water, just towel dry.

We use this whenever I feel bloated, not feeling good, or just need a nice bath.

I recommend enamel pan. It won’t buckle like a plastic one. It keeps water warm.

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