Japanese Traditional Homemade Lotion Recipe

This is Japanese traditional lotion/toner! It’s watery liquid, and this is incredibly moisturizing! It provides great moisture to the skin. I’ve also been using it on my hair & scalp with great results!It really plumps my skin and leaves it well hydrated. This homemade lotion recipe has 2 basic ingredients and takes only few minute to make .

This highly moisturizing lotion is made of koji rice culture which contains essential amino acids. Koji rice culture has been used for centuries in Japan to make soy sauce and miso. It’s kind of fermentation culture. It leaves your skin soft and moisture, too.

This traditional lotion can make at home easily. It contains no fragrance or oil.It smelled of rice, which make you feel comfortable, as you feel it’s natural.

-Koji culture 2 table spoon

-tap water 200ml

-Heat tap water up to 60℃.
-Add 2 tablespoons of Koji culture.
-Stir it.
-Keep it in room temperature for 6 hours. (Koji bacteria works for you.)
-Strain water.
-Pour the water into whatever jar.
-Keep it in refrigerator.
-Use within 2-3 weeks for best moisturizing benefits.

You can keep it for years without preservatives in freezer.You can keep Koji in freezer, too.

Japan only!

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