Japanese Traditional Reusable Hand Warmer

Have you heard about Japanese traditional reusable HAKKIN hand warmer? These things are amazing. They help me stay warm on cold days and mostly warm on super cold days!

If you spend a lot of time out doors during the cold season or if you go camping in the winter, these are a must have. They are super easy to activate. They get super hot within a few minutes and stay hot for up to 20 hours. They help to make our hands warm and comfortable.I used them while skiing in the frigid temps,too.

Plus I use it to control fermentation temps through the colder months. With one of these devices underneath a fermenting jug, and with a sweatshirt wrapped around the jug, I can get the temperature of the jug to a stable temperature.

Don’t put directly against skin, heat up to 160 degrees and could cause a burn, always use wrapped in cloth.

Filling this is very simple with the included fill cup that you put lighter fluid into depending how long you want it to last. Once it is filled you just light the top of it and it will start to get warm!

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