Japanese traditional ‘Sarashi’ reusable paper towels

We Japanese used to use Japanese SARASHI cloth as reusable paper towels before disposable ones came in the kitchen. Have you ever heard of Japanese SARASHI cloth ? It is unbleached and non-fluorescent 100% cotton gauze fabric. This traditional Japanese ‘sarashi’ cloth is a great alternative for the disposable paper kitchen towels. Reusable paper towels are a simple way to add reusable function to your kitchen. We went through many paper towels Before. It would be great to reduce that by using these instead.

In stead of throwing it away, these towels can be used over and over again. They can be used again after washing. Washed multiple times and they all are still in great condition.

They are so versatile. They are tough against heat and hard to tear.They can be used for anything you would use a paper towel for. Use them all the time in place of paper towels and they work so well.

The borders are simply cut without being stitched. I cut it small pieces to use. It therefore loses fibers only at the beginning.The benefit is that it dry quickly.

I use it as draining cloth for fresh vegetables.It can drain off water.

I use it to make vegetables scrap broth. I can get very clear broth with it.

I use it for making Greek yogurt. I can get very thick Greek yogurt.

They are also safe in the microwave, so you can use them to cover dishes while cooking.

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  1. Nyasha says:

    Thank you for this, I learnt something new today 🙂