Japanese Water Therapy

I have been drinking warm plain water in the morning since 2019. Starting day with warm plain water is long been a Japanese tradition.
Japanese believe that drinking warm water in the morning solves many health problems.

I drink a cup of hot water first thing in the morning. Very quickly , I started seeing positive changes in my body.

1. My skin is getting better.
2. I feel more relaxed.
3. It eases menstrual symptoms.
4. It is beneficial for digestion.

Making a cup of warm plain water involves just a few steps.
– Take a pot and boil the water. I boil water with activated charcoal. It will make the water taste better. If you have it, try.

– If it starts boiling, switch off the gas and let it cool for a bit.
– Pour the hot water into the cup.
– Enjoy your cup of warm plain water.

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