Let’s Avoide waste with the Japanese concept of ‘mottainai’ !

Welcome to zerowaste japan’s first blog post!

Do you know Japanese word ‘mottainai’ ?The word rooted deeply in Japanese culture.It means to not waste resources in English. It is often used as an expression of dismay at wasteful actions.The concept based on the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle).We think we are part of nature and should maintain a good relationship with nature.’Mottainai’ encourage using objects fully.I think The idea of ‘mottainai’ could provide answer to environmental crisis.

There is a wondeful Japanese book.

It’s a picture book, and It shows funny example of ‘mottainai’.In the book, Mottainai Grandma says “Mottainai!” when other character does something wasteful.I think It helps people understand the zerowaste lifestyle.It also helps kids understand the importance of zerowaste.

Like this book, my mission is to share a ‘mottainai’ zerowaste lifestyle on this blog!
I will show you the Japanese old ideas of recycling, making ,and waste not life!

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