Bar Soap Life Hack

Do you prefer liquid or bar soap?
I like bar soap.

Most bar soaps are the paper wrappings. Liquid soaps are packaged in plastic containers that ends up in the landfill. Those are harmful to the environment.

The main ingredient in liquid soaps is water, mostly water. I do not want to pay for water a lot.

Moreover,liquid soaps contain a lot of water, so they are heavier than soap bars. They need more transportation fee. That’s why bar soaps are less expensive compared to liquid soap. Bar soaps are usually very cheap.

Many Liquid soaps contain chemical preservative like parabens.

However, frequent complaint about bar soaps is they turns slimy and messy. We have to clean up the soap scum left & soap dishes. I hate messy soap dishes.

I recommend magnetic soap holder to anyone who uses bar soaps. This is my favorite soap holder.

I pushed a magnet into a bar soap and that’s all. It keeps the soap dry. It doesn’t cause a mess. The soap doesn’t get soggy. This is such a simple solution. It’s better than the traditional soap dish. I recommend it to anyone who uses solid shampoo bars, too!