Makeup Wipe Alternatives

Do you use disposable make up remover? They are wasteful and often have toxic chemicals. I do not use disposable ones.We Japanese women use ‘tenugui’ cotton towel to remove make up for a long time. I think it feels better than single use cotton rounds! Of course, it’s reusable many times !

‘Tenugui’ is a traditional Japanese towel. It is made from 100% cotton. It is a very smooth texture that is unlike typical Western towel.It absorbs makeup really well and are very gentle on face.It feels great, too.We use it separately by cutting it. That’s why Both ends of ‘Tenugui’ is not sewed.The edges are unfinished and will tend to unravel for about 3-5mm. Frayed ends make them dry faster,too.


-wet your face.
-Wet a tenugui with warm water and squeeze.
-Foam the soap with a tenugui.
-Wipe slowly & gently on your face.
-Rinse your face with water.
-wash tenugui with water & soap

If you do not make up, you can use it without soap.It naturally removes dead skin cells, too .

Tenugui can be used in a variety of ways, too in Japan . I use it in the kitchen, for wrapping present, and for covering my maison jars !They come in a variety of patterns.

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