My Homemade Nontoxic floor wax

For daily cleaning, I use a broom & dustpan. After that, I also use damp cloth. I usually damp it with ‘rice water’. Rice water is used as a natural floor wax for a long time in Japan.

It is ideal for all types of wood, cork and laminate surfaces. Especially suitable for cleaning waxed wood surfaces and oiled wooden furniture. It makes them very smooth. We Japanese have had it on our floors for years and they have held up well. It is a good choice if you are chemical sensitive.

It is environmentally friendly, low odor, and fast drying. It’s so worth not having the chemicals.It is dry enough to walk on in about a few minutes. It’s so much better than store selling ones.It is extremely low odor, smells a little like ‘white rice’.


-Rinse rice for a meal( Don’t down the water into the drain).
-Damp a cloth in the milky water and wring it.
-Wipe floor(you do not need to rinse )

Any of these will keep dust and dirt from building up.

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