My Favorite Sustainable Skincare

Fresh aloe vera will forever be a must have in my home. Aloe vera has long been a popular houseplant in Japan. It is often called the natural healer.It’s a perfect product of nature!

I use it after being in the sun. I cut a piece and rubbed it on. Aloe vera expedited the healing process and calmed the burning. I’ve been using fresh aloe vera leaf for my hair and scalp,too. I use it as gel in blow drying my hair. It’s so shiny and easy to manage. It’s also awesome for insect bites. It’s well worth the benefits. This is definitely one of the best multiuse! I think the mild smell is fresh.

Moreover, it’s amazing for acne.It takes the swelling down in one night.My daughter’s acne is significantly better.I’m amazed! This is the only thing that works for my daughter’s acne skin!

Aloe plant care is easy. I am growing aloe vera plant on my balcony. I just water it once a week.

Japan only!

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