My zerowaste homemade toothpaste recipe

Do you know rice bran? Rice bran is a byproduct of rice milling. Normally it is only used as animal feed. Moreover, 60 million tons of bran are thrown away every year in the world.

It has been traditionally used by Japanese cultures in skincare & cleaning. It can be used in scrubs,facials,body masks and other skincares for a long time here. It has been used as a toothpaste before the development of commercial products,too !

-stir well with a little bit of water like a paste.
-wash your teeth with it.
-rinse your mouth with water

(I make this when I wash my teeth.)

Store selling toothpaste contains a lot of chemicals . This 100% natural rice bran powder helps to remove traces of dirt in my mouth enouh .It’s feels much better in my mouth.It leaves my mouth feeling fresh like store­bought toothpaste, too.

Plus, I can reduce a lot of plastic waste. I’ve never seen plastic free toothpaste before.Toothpaste tubes are totally wasteful.

Let’s try Japanese old style rice bran toothpaste together!!

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