My zerowaste shower essential

I haven’t washed my hair with ‘shampoo’, since going zerowaste lifestyle . It was hard to get plastic free shampooes & conditioners here in Japan. I only found Lush shampoo bars here, but my scalp is very sensitive and it just made it dry because of SLS. I found J.R.liggets shampoo bar which comes wrapped only in paper and does not contain SLS on Amazon. IT was more gentle to my skin! It was best for my zerowaste life, but I had to order them to Overseas…

Now I am using rice water instead of shampoo bar !Check my old post.

I also enjoy soap-free body wash. Instead of soaps, I use a special body mesh towels.It is made from Japanese paper pulp & cotton. The paper fabric is 100% natural. Wet the towel in hot water and gently squeeze it.This towel naturally removes dead skin cells and absorbs sweat and oil without soap. The natural deodorizing property absorbs odors, too . There’s no need to use soaps.

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