Natural Cough Syrup Recipe

For many years, Daikon(white radish ) throat syrup has been soothing irritated throats in Japan. Honey-based cough syrup helps soothe throats. It’s my best friend when cold and flu season hits. I just don’t want to depend on drugs. And at least for me, it works better than any other brand I have tried. It really soothes an irritated throat.

This syrup is recommended to me by my grandma. It does the trick for throat irritation and cough. Won’t go back to anything else. It works well for me. This might sound crazy but it is better than prescription cough medicine. It is perfect for that dry cough that comes from allergy season,too.

– daikon ( white radish) 10cm
– raw honey 5tbs

– Cut daikon ( 1cm x 1cm )
– Toss the daikon with the raw honey in a glass.
– Cover and let stand at room temperature until honey has completely watered.

You can keep it in refrigerator for a month. You can also eat the daikon.

We drink 1tbs of the syrup a few times a day.

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