OrganiCup GIVEAWAY !

Menstrual cups are such a great way to end our contribution to the billions of pads that end up in landfills.

But we worry about if they would be uncomfortable, if they would leak, and TSS! I hesitated on getting a menstrual cup for a loooong time,too.

So as today @OrganiCup and I have collaborated giveaway an OrganiCup to someone who hasn’t yet got one on my Instagram account . My recommendation, if you are on the fence then try it this time!

Remember, there’s a 20% off discount code for OrganiCup using “zwjapan” !

To enter:

1. Follow @OrganiCup and @zerowaste.japan

2. Like this picture

3. Tag a friend

This giveaway is international and end at midnight on Sunday 2th June. A single winner will be chosen later.

I love the thought of being able to reuse this and not having to worry about throwing anything away!You can calculate the impact your switch to a menstrual cup has had with Period Savings Calculator . ( just scroll down a bit )

The only problem I had was, when I had my cup in, I had a really hard time peeing. It was like the cup presses on my urethra, and couldn’t get past the awkward feeling that something wasn’t right. I removed and reinserted a couple of times and couldn’t get past it, so I gave up for the period & the next period. Then I did some research and found it does NOT sit where the tampon sits, it goes a little higher. I then inserted it higher and no issue what so ever. Now that I’m using it better. Every beginning can be difficult, but FAQ can assure you, there’s nothing to fear!

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