Plastic Free Tawashi Brush

I love this Japanese traditional all natural scrubbing brush. The hemp palm fiber coiled up with a wire. This Japanese Tawashi scrubbing brush works well.It’s standard in most homes. These biodegradable brushes have become a Japanese household staple. Our Japanese household always had tawashi. It fits into my hand, and making it easy to scrub dirt. If you are looking for plastic free & vegan scrubbing brushes, I highly recommend it!

First,it’s Great for cleaning. It would be great for scrubbing out the sinks in your home. I also scrub out bath tub & shoes with it.

Second, this is great for cleaning cookwares, like pans, cutting boards and pots. It isn’t going to scratch your pans. Especially, it’s perfect brush for cleaning cast iron without scrubbing off the seasoning. This scrubbing brush works great for getting grime off while rinsing and doesnt melt like other synthesis scrubbing brushes. My favorite cast iron pan is this !

Moreover, it is perfect to clean root vegetables. I wash the dirt off the vegetables. It works well.

I recommend ‘Kamenoko’ tawashi! Kamenoko company created and brung out the “tawashi” to the market. There are many size!