Plastic Free Food Storage Alternative

Plastic containers are convenient, but it may cause health concerns & environmental destructions. If you are looking for alternatives, here is traditional Japan made enamelware container. It has been used over 80 years in Japan.

I recommend it for food storage. The container is great for the kitchen! It is BPA free. It can refrigerate or freeze. It can also heat over open fire. It is suitable for oven meal, too. It is extremely convenient. Enamelware is also environmentally friendly.

I usually use it for storing Jello in the fridge. I use it for storing vegetables broth in the freezer. I bake a cake with it, too. I also use it to take things in my lunch to work. It is also perfect for storing leftovers.

You can use it for freezer storage, heat over open fire to eat and then top them into your dishwasher. It is great value, convenient, and seem to be holding up to multiple uses! So many uses besides food too.

There are some companies to sell enamelwares in Japan, but I recommend Noda Horo enamelwares. Those are sustainably made in Japan. Plus quality is good ! They also sell enamelware lids in Japan, but I can not find in

Japan only!

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