Plastic Free Storage Container

I use furoshiki to store home hardware. These are very practical for home hardware storage ! I used to use plastic storage containers. The plastic used to make these container was very thin and brittle. Several were broken when I was putting the lids on.

Furoshiki is perfect for what I need and great for organizing. It’s great for storing items. It stacks well too. I use it in my storage space separated into things like “ski goods”, “beach goods “, “holiday decorations”,etc. It is different and better than plastic storage boxes. It well-enough made to last without breaking, too !

It’s highly recommend it to help anyone declutter!!I’ve been using it for over years and It is holding up very, very well. It fits just about anywhere and really helps me organize my clutter. Furoshiki is very easy to put on and take off, and it is easy to carry around.

There is only one problem. It is not clear so I do not know what’s inside without having to open it.

Tutorial video is here !

I recommend big size furoshiki to store home stuffs. Around 41inch is best!

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