Plastic Free Toilet Brush

I no longer use the toilet bowl brush. I could explore all different kinds of toilet brushes, but many toilet brushes are made of plastic. Moreover,it collects dust while it is waits for the next use. I feel grossed out by storing reusable toilet brushes.

Do you know Japanese used to clean the toilet bowl with hands! Our hands & waste cloth probably would be the most effective tool for a toilet cleaning. They are the perfect solution for anyone that feels grossed out by storing reusable toilet brushes. No wet disgusting brush to leave sitting in corner of bathroom. It does work-cleans and refreshes.I will show you how to clean the toilet bowl.

I wear reusable natural rubber gloves, and use waste cloth. A quick wipe down of the seat and a scrub the bowl and the job is done in less than 5 minutes. My hand never touches the bowl and it reaches those hard areas under the rim. I keep a clean bathroom and these make it easy to maintain. I just rinse outside of gloves in soap and clean water, and throw the waste cloth away after use . (Or I use the cloth several times, and compost it.) I would recommend these for anyone who desires making toilet bowl cleaning in zerowaste.

I use this as toilet cleaner.

Japan only!

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