Plastic Free Wooden Dish

we had a 6.1 earthquake last week. Many house did not have any structural damage but neighbors did have a massive mess inside their house after the earthquake to clean up.
The Kitchen was the most dangerous room in the house in the Earthquake. Many of their dishes and glasses fell broke and cracked the counter. Broken glass was everywhere. Most of their cabinets opened up during the earthquake and out came a lot of it’s contents. Many people were busy to have to deal with cleaning up the broken glass after this big earthquake. They put something that would lock the kitchen cabinet doors in case the another big one hits.

Happily, my kitchen did not get any damages this time. I decluttered dishes like plates, bowls, and saucers a few years ago. I do not have lots of dishes now. I only have a few dishes I really use regularly. That’s why I do not have big cupboard anymore. Decluttering saved me from the earthquake.

Plus I like wooden dishes and use them everyday.I loved the way it looked! In Japan Wooden dish is used for rice bowls,soup bowls and lunchboxes. They are unstained and unsealed. They made by applying many coatings of resin, harvested from trees. Those are coated finish to resist water and moisture. They are non-breakable and non-plastic dishes . The dishes do need to be hand washed, but it isn’t hard to do at all.

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